Friday, 15 October 2010


This is a good flavour of the LA agent/client relationship written by TV actor Richard Ruccolo. Tongue in cheek, of course.


  1. Hello,

    I own and maintain the largest websited dedicated to the 1985 movie Return to Oz.

    I was writing because I know you had worked on the film. I realize that it has been 25 years now, but I was wondeing if you might be able to share your experiences on the film. Please email me at ( the O in Oz is a zero )

  2. Oh my goodness is this fabulous or what? Laughed v. hard and instead of film agent imagined lit. agent and then laughed even harder.

  3. Hi Sophie. Hopefully you get this message! I am writing on behalf of Costanzo who owns the Caprese Restaurant in Glasgow. You know Costanzo very well from your times spent in the theatres of Glasgow and you came to eat with us with Liza Goddard and friends last Christmas after your show. I just wanted to pass on a message that Costanzo has sold the restaurant and we will be closing our doors forever on Saturday 26th February 2011. He will be re-opening somewhere else in Glasgow sometime next year but we don't know a date yet. Just wanted to let you know incase you are in Glasgow and call in to find a bulldozed building! If you are in Glasgow before we close it would be lovely to see you but otherwise keep a note of our number which you can find on our blog

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    Best Regards Jo at the Caprese

  4. Thanks for that, Jo. Anyone who is in Glasgow must visit before you close! I've posted a message on your site x