Friday, 11 July 2008

Open Air Theatre

In June, it seemed like a great idea; summer was coming and the prospect of being at Hampton Court and Kensington Palace in August, working on Private Lives was too good to miss. Now it is July and I am wearing a thick jumper and socks, indoors. The rain is washing away the lettuce and it is too dark to read without electricity at lunchtime. Last summer the whole town flooded and jet skiers were fined for speeding in the high street. How did I forget?

Next week we start rehearsing. For now, I am staring out the window wondering what a 1930's cocktail dress looks like with an overcoat and galoshes.


  1. If it wasn't for your wellies
    where would you be,
    you'd be in the hospital or infirmary,
    cos' you would have a dose of the flu, or even pleurisy,
    if you didn't have your feet in your wellies.

    Cocktail dress and wellies! Mmmm...I would wear them, but there again...I'm an exhibitionist lol!!!

  2. "Open Air Theatre
    In June, it seemed like a great idea; summer was coming ......

    How did I forget?"

    Were you drunk?

  3. 'Private Lives' is such a fantastic play. Congratulations, Sophie. I hope you'll blog how it goes (as much as you can) in the same vein as 'Cuckoos Nest.'
    Rain? Could you send me some? I'd gladly trade you a days rain for what's happening here in California-- we're all burning alive.

  4. Good luck with 'Private Lives', Sophie. I hope the weather gets better :-)
    And as Jan August said, I hope you keep us updated as you did with Cuckoos Nest :-)

  5. I hope the weather has been steadily improving since you made your post! I just wanted to let you know that I love your entries -- they are so informative and you have a great sense of humor. I'm always happy when I see your posts pop up in my Bloglines.

  6. Good luck with 'Private Lives', it’s such a great play!

    I really like open air theatre. Here, they open the gates a couple of hours before the performance and many people arrive early, bring a blanket, food & wine and have a picnic in the garden. But it’s always a bit of a lottery. A few years ago I was at an open air performance when it started raining heavily about half an hour into the play. The stage was dry but the rest of us got drenched. Not much chance of getting a taxi home afterwards, either, when you looked as if you had just been swimming in the canal – fully clothed.

    By some strange coincidence they are also playing 'Private Lives' at the open air theatre here this summer and I’ll go later this week. I haven’t seen it for about 20 years. Back then, two well-known Danish actors played Elyot and Amanda more than 700 times and somehow managed to stay both sane and married – to each other – in real life. Quite impressive. The number of performances, that is. Maybe the other part, too, now come to think of it! "..... we were like two violent acids bubbling about in a nasty little matrimonial bottle."

    'Private Lives' in Copenhagen:

  7. Thanks for all the support! I'll let you know how it all goes.
    BTW, Emenel, that production looks so stylish.